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Customer│Home Appliance Repair Service Company A

Home Appliance Repair Service Company A

Standardization in outsourcing of home appliance repair work of multiple manufacturers with a new service system

Company A, which provides maintenance services mainly on home appliance repair work regardless of manufacturer. We realize operations such as call center operations, parts procurement, and repairs, including cooperation with manufacturers, and efficiently handle a wide range of operations from on-site repairs to off-site repairs.


Home appliance repair service

Licenses Introduced

Reason for selection

  • ServAir has a great number of installation records in service companies/departments and deep knowledge in repair works
  • Yokogawa Solution Service provides maintenance services by itself, and it has been decided that the “words” of repair work can be understood, not just a “system engineer”

Issues that existed before ServAir introduction

  • We needed a new system that can handle repair work that can be accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using all bases and maintenance centers nationwide
  • The existing system is different for each manufacturer, and it was not suitable for repair work BPO involving on-site repairs of multiple manufacturers and multiple types of equipment

Effects of ServAir introduction

  • It has become possible to efficiently handle repairs reception for home appliances from multiple manufacturers and various type of equipment with a mixture of B2B and B2C
  • By standardizing the business flow, we were able to significantly reduce the time from inquiries to repairs and returns to customers’ homes
  • A large amount of customer information and product information can now be centrally managed with a common system

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