Customer service management software
implemented from YOKOGAWA Group know-how


Japan Quality
Service System

ServAir is customer service management software that provides integrated support for everything from after-sales service operations such as on-site repairs, periodic inspections and off-site repairs including call center operations, to ERP enterprise business operations such as sales, purchasing and inventory management.

ServAir can be widely used by companies that handle after-sales services, as well as customers who require after-sales services such as inspection and maintenance of sold equipment and facilities.

ServAir was born as an IT platform that supports Yokogawa’s mission-critical maintenance work.

Used in global bases including Japan.

Engineers with service know-how
are in charge

The system of service business is characterized by more human-related parts than the other systems.

ServAir is a service system package product, but it can be customized to suit your business operations. It is introduced as a service system even in our business so you can use it without any worries.

Engineers who are experts in service operations will be in charge to facilitate the system introduction.

Freedom from
vendor lock-in

As the use of SaaS / PaaS progresses, dependency on cloud-specific functions also increases, which results in vendor lock-in to be of concern, making it more difficult to switch to other services.

Due to increased dependence on specific vendors, there is a risk that system evolution will be entrusted to the vendors and the total IT cost will be high in the long run.

ServAir avoid this vendor lock-in under an open policy.

Benefits of ServAir

Here are the
“Benefits” gained from the experience of service system introduction

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