Field service management system ServAir



Customer│Water Heater Manufacturer Company B

Water Heater Manufacturer Company B

Taking the aging of the old system as an opportunity to introduce a package made in Japan and paving the way for expansion of the service business

Company B, a major water heater manufacturer. We manufacture housing equipment essential to daily life and provide repair and maintenance services for them. Through the use of housing equipment, we are contributing to "Building an Energy-Efficient Society" by creating comfortable lifestyles and changing lifestyles.


Water Heater Manufacturer

Licenses Introduced

Issues that existed before ServAir introduction

  • We used our own scratch system but when a problem occurs, we can’t deal with it since only the developer knows the specifications
  • The work report was manually input. Further, the system input and operations from manually input report became complicated
  • The reporting level was different depending on the service person, and it was not possible to analyze the cause of the failure and the details of the action performed

Effects of ServAir introduction

  • The introduction of the domestic(Japanese) service system package not only gave us a sense of security for system maintenance support but also provided us with immediate advice on future add-on customizations, paving the way for the expansion of the service business
  • By reviewing the business according to the standard business flow of the service business, it became possible to eliminate unnecessary business and focus on the original business
  • By inputting necessary information into the service system in the normal business flow, various data analysis can be performed and feedback to the product is also possible

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