Field service management system ServAir



Customer│Medical Device Manufacturer Maintenance Service Company I

Medical Device Manufacturer Maintenance Service Company I

Supports maintenance services of other medical device manufacturers, focusing on maintenance of in-house products

"Company I" conducts research and development, production, sales, and after-sales support for clinical testing equipment/reagent and testing data management systems for diagnosis, treatment, and physical examination.


Medical device manufacturer maintenance service

Licenses Introduced

Reason for selection

  • ServAir met the requirements of what we want to do, such as improving the efficiency of maintenance contract work and utilizing service data
  • It also covers core business related to service business and allows us to choose the necessary business module we want to incorporate
  • Being able to follow changes in business and be able to operate for a long period of time

Issues that existed before ServAir introduction

  • Since maintenance cases are managed by individual-level in Excel, the overall status and expected orders cannot be managed
  • When receiving an order for a maintenance contract, it takes time and effort to double-input to the ordering system based on the information in the quotation
  • The sales amount and billing timing are different for each maintenance contract, and it takes a lot of man-hours to collect by hand and create an invoice

Effects of ServAir introduction

  • We were able to eliminate the loss of ordering opportunities due to the leakage of the maintenance contract renewal
  • Since it is possible to prepare variations of quotations and expand from quotations to sales orders, we were able to significantly reduce the work man-hours
  • Since maintenance contract information and service history can now be shared and utilized in various situations, we were able to improve the system infrastructure for expanding business, such as improving work efficiency and service quality

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