Field service management system ServAir



Customer│Store Equipment Maintenance Company K

Store Equipment Maintenance Company K

Significantly improved the efficiency of purchasing and inventory operations at the head office, service bases, service agents, and service specialists

Company K, which undertakes the store equipment maintenance of a major family restaurant chain. A 24 hour, 365 days call center has been set up, and repairs are made quickly while managing nearly 2,000 partner companies and dedicated technicians throughout Japan. In addition to food recycling, we are also actively working on environmental issues such as waste treatment and water supply and drainage treatment.


Store Equipment Maintenance

Licenses Introduced

Issues that existed before ServAir introduction

  • An attempt was made to expand the systematization of sales and purchasing operations related to service operations using the existing call reception system, but it failed
  • There was double registration in the call reception system and sales/purchasing system. Also, a lot of time was taken to check for billing omissions since the systems were separate
  • There were problems such as surplus inventory and loss of parts inventory due to improper management of inventory stored in repair cars and warehouses

Effects of ServAir introduction

  • Since the core (sales and purchasing) function was also a modularized service system mainly for service operations, the study focused on add-ons in the interface part, and we were able to introduce it using standard functions at a low cost
  • By receiving the necessary information from the existing call reception system through the interface and smoothly deploying it to sales and purchasing data, business efficiency has been improved and more work can now be done with fewer members
  • By centrally managing the inventory, we were able to reduce inventory costs, including at the head office and bases

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