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Introducing service system in the DX era

Introducing the points for successful DX

What is the introduction of service systems in the DX era?

Have you read the report issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) entitled “DX Report: Overcoming of ‘2025 Digital Cliff’ Involving IT Systems and Full-fledged Development of Efforts for DX”?
Even in the field of after-sales service, there are many customers who have not yet fully converted to DX.

A background that DX does not progress

Corporate DX is an urgent task, but there are several factors that prevent DX from progressing.
For example, the following problems can be raised.
・It cannot be remodeled due to the spaghetti-like structure of existing system programs and the black box of business logic.
・It is difficult and time-consuming to learn the functions and design / development methods of mission-critical systems.​
・Persons in charge of maintenance of core systems and IT engineers are aging, making it difficult to respond to new issues.

A background that DX does not progress

Prepare an IT platform that can utilize data

Aggregating and utilizing data in modern business is a natural process and can be said to be the foundation of corporate management. However, if the legacy system remains as it is, the system is optimized for each department and the operation is mainly based on forms, so it is not possible to aggregate data and it will be difficult to develop a service business that responds to changes in the business.

Even if you want to utilize data, old systems are often bloated due to complicated customization, and even if you have the data at hand from various materials that are stored in a “black box” such as paper storage, you may not be able to make use of it and you may become a loser in the digital competition.

Tips for introducing service systems in the DX era

What kind of efforts should be taken to introduce a service system to “prevent it from falling” from the cliff of 2025?

Choose a partner who understands your business

Simply introducing a dedicated package does not mean that DX will advance. In the service business, it is necessary to deal with a lot of core business related to the service such as pre-estimation, post-estimation, maintenance contract management, service parts purchase and service orders. For this reason, there are many cases where even if you ask an IT vendor who knows only the system, it will not work.

When proceeding with system introduction, it is necessary to start with service operations and explanation of terms which takes a lot of time and effort. Then it takes another considerable amount of time to put it into production, and in the worst case, the system may not be introduced. In order to introduce a service core business package, it is important to select a partner who is familiar with service business and core business and who is also familiar with system introduction.

First, try to start the operation with a “small start” without seeking perfection.

This is true for other systems as well, there are cases where the introduction is postponed because “they can’t find one that 100% matches the company’s rules and operational rules.” It is very unlikely to find software that 100% matches your company’s rules.

What is important is the “small start” mindset. Instead of looking for perfection, use best practices and start where you can. By doing so, know-how will be accumulated and it will be a stepping stone to convert service operations to DX.

Redevelop internal rules that suit the business environment

In the service management system, it is possible to take various actions necessary for service operations such as quick and accurate reception response, determination of skills and response organizations, scheduling of personnel considering cooperating companies, confirmation of work request on the go, confirmation of parts inventory status and order request, and work report input. However, the method of using the system differs depending on the business rules of each company and the working style of each employee.

When introducing a service system, it is important to properly establish internal rules according to the business environment of the company. Moreover, it is also necessary to disseminate internal rules through explanations and appeals to employees.

What should be emphasized when introducing a system in the DX era

There is an urgent need for companies to renew their old core systems, such as the realization of DX and the support for new corporate management brought about by the new coronavirus countermeasure called “After Corona”.

Top commitment is essential for DX

Unlike conventional IT, DX needs to make effective use of IT as a means to radically change the business. For this reason, it is extremely important to clearly define the vision that top management seeks for core systems and to align the vectors of all employees. Also, even if you can share a clear vision, nothing will change without concrete actions to realize it. In promoting DX, top management must take leadership and actively work on the construction of new systems.

Even if you set up a vision and create a system, there may be resistance that may arise from the site like “other work is busy and there is no time for that”. DX can only be realized if top management and service management leaders lead reforms toward their goals and incorporate them into their businesses.

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