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Introducing the
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ServAir Cloud Product Lineup

Introducing ServAir Cloud lineup.
ServAir Cloud is composed of editions which pack multiple functions instead of the module selection method.

Choose the plan that’s right for you depending on your usage. We offer three editions Field Service, Off-Site Repair, Service Management, and Enterprise for your convenience.

  • Field Service Edition

    Field Service edition allows you to use the common functions and all field service functions of the ServAir.

    Recommended for customers who are considering systematizing field service and customers who want to experience ServAir features first.

  • Off-Site Repair Edition

    Off-site Repair edition allows you to utilize all Off-site Repair functions in addition to the common functions of the ServAir.

    Recommended for customers who want to manage the flow of work with regards to pick-up and drop-off repair services.

  • Service Management Edition

    Service Management edition allows you to use all the service business functions of ServAir.

    Recommended for customers wanting to fully manage service operations such as maintenance contract management which haven’t been able to handle till now.

  • Enterprise Edition

    Enterprise edition allows you to use all ServAir features. This edition includes core business-related ERP functions in addition to the service business functions.

    Recommended for service specialized companies wanting to perform total management of service operations and core business operations in one package.

List of Functions

Modules included in each edition.

Unlike the package type, ServAir Cloud does not require any software installation. If you have a valid subscription, you can start using just by logging into the service.

No additional hardware or software is required. Significantly reduces the implementation cost and the operational cost.

You can experience the latest services with constant automatic product upgrades.

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