Field service management system ServAir



Customer Service

SevAir’s standard functions and data integration tools
provide strong support for customer service operations

Customer Service

ServAir provides a repair reception screen for contact centers as a standard function to enhance customer service and customer support service, enabling efficient handling of customer reception work. Additionally, the architecture supports data integration with CTI systems via standard APIs, which identifies customer when receiving an incoming call and quickly provide information during the call.

Contact Center

When a customer makes an inquiry, the contact center will receive information about the customer, inquiry details, and equipment to be repaired.
With ServAir, you can view information about customers, assets, past repairs, and parts replacement history on a single screen while providing customer service. In addition, by linking with the CTI system, call reception operations can be significantly streamlined, providing strong support for customer service operations.

Management functions
that enhance customer service operations

  • Repair Reception/Incident Management

    When we receive a repair request from a customer, information about the customer, delivery/installation location, target equipment, and inquiry details can be categorized and managed as inquiry or incident information. It can also keep various information, such as matters exchanged with customers after reception, as a response history, which can be used for customer service.

  • Maintenance/Work History Management

    Past maintenance/work history information can be viewed by customers, assets, equipment to be repaired, etc. When receiving a repair request, you can quickly search for past repair history and parts replacement information and provide the customer with the most appropriate answers and suggestions, strengthening customer service at the contact center. It also improves the initial repair completion rate through subsequent field service responses. Normalized history information improves search speed, which enables high-quality customer interaction and customer service, contributing to improved customer service satisfaction through after-sales service.

  • CTI Integration

    By integrating with the CTI system, when a call from a customer arrives, the system can identify the customer information from the phone number and immediately display the information about the asset and past repair history of the target customer on the screen. This results in quick customer service. ServAir has standard APIs prepared in advance, making integration with external systems easy.

Other Functions


  • JEOL Ltd.

    Introduced ServAir as a field service platform that can flexibly respond to company policies and aims to leverage it along with IoT to link to preventive maintenance.

  • SCREEN SPE Service Co., Ltd.

    Introduced ServAir, an all-in-one package that includes core business operations, and achieved a 60% reduction in overtime despite a 20% increase in sales processing.

  • NKS Corporation

    Realize DX of calibration work process by centralized management of work managed by multiple systems centered on ServAir.

  • YOKOGAWA Group

    Realized ‘Global One Service Management Platform’ used by 6,000 service engineers from 80 countries at 230 service bases around the world.

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