Data linkage

We offer data linkage tools
that can be linked with ServAir

ServAir adapter

We prepared a ServAir adapter that can be used with the data connection tool known as [ASTERIA WARP].
By using the ASTERIA WARP × ServAir adapter, various interface linkages and data migrations with ServAir can be performed smoothly.
Since linkage can be developed through a non-programming software – ASTERIA WARP, users can even develop their own interface.

Connect to ServAir with an ease !

[ServAir adapter] is a non-programming data connection to ServAir and “ASTERIA WARP” which handles existing databases and interfaces. This makes it easy to link various types of data.

Usage scene

  • Master initial setup

    Master data initial setting up is indispensable for operating the system. By using the ASTERIA WARP x ServAir adapter, data mapping is easy, so the master initial setup from the data managed by the current system or Excel can be easily done without programming.

  • Interfacing with other systems

    You can easily interface with various systems by using the ASTERIA WARP x Servair adapter in case you want to utilize an existing call reception system, inventory management system, or accounting system.

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