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Off-Site Repair Management

Streamlining after-sales service operations
through management of a series of work in off-site repair

Off-Site Repair Management

ServAir’s send-back service handles the management of operations related to off-site repair. It manages a series of processes to repair items collected on-site or brought directly into, including receiving, conducting repair at the factory, preparing report, and shipping. Although this function is primarily used for small equipment off-site repair services, data for both field service and send-back services can be centrally managed in the same database, making it possible to streamline overall operations even with various service types.

Manage a series of work in off-site repair

  • Receipt of off-site repair

    The shop or factory where the product is delivered will check the faulty condition and product accessories and will issue a receipt. ServAir allows quick reception by referencing information that requires verification during reception, such as past service records and the presence of maintenance contracts.

  • Estimate for off-site repair

    When accepting off-site repair, the exact cause of the failure has not yet been determined, so the estimate for off-site repair at this point is generally output as an informal quote. Afterward, at the time of actual response, a formal quote will be issued based on the actual work performed, and the repair amount will be finalized. ServAir anticipates this type of work and allows management of informal quote and formal quote revisions. This allows for hassle-free management of the quotation presentation history.

  • Output off-site repair report/
    delivery report

    Enter the work report information according to the actual work content, such as work content and parts used during repair, and output the work report. After that, as a pre-shipment preparation for the target product, a delivery report will be attached to the actual product, and the product will be shipped. ServAir can even manage delivery report output and post-work shipping operations.

Other Functions


  • JEOL Ltd.

    Introduced ServAir as a field service platform that can flexibly respond to company policies and aims to leverage it along with IoT to link to preventive maintenance.

  • SCREEN SPE Service Co., Ltd.

    Introduced ServAir, an all-in-one package that includes core business operations, and achieved a 60% reduction in overtime despite a 20% increase in sales processing.

  • NKS Corporation

    Realize DX of calibration work process by centralized management of work managed by multiple systems centered on ServAir.

  • YOKOGAWA Group

    Realized ‘Global One Service Management Platform’ used by 6,000 service engineers from 80 countries at 230 service bases around the world.

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