Field service management system ServAir



Field Service

Optimizing repair maintenance and construction
installation service operations in field service

Field Service

ServAir’s field service module allows you to optimize repair maintenance and construction/installation service operations in field service. The service manager manages personnel assignments (such as sending work instructions via email), confirms field service work plans, and creates work reports after repair completion. Electronic signatures can be received from a customer in the field using a tablet device, enabling paperless operation. Additionally, field service engineers’ schedules can be checked online in real time from anywhere, thus enabling efficient assignments.


Management functions that streamline
field service operations

  • Schedule Management

    You can check the work schedule of each field service engineer in an easy-to-understand Gantt chart format, accessible not only from within the office but also online from the field service site. By setting permissions for external contractors, you can grant them ServAir access so they can check the schedules of each field service engineer.

  • スケジュール管理
  • Escalation

    When an inquiry or a case requires escalation to another department or a specific subcontractor, you can escalate it using task workflow in ServAir. The recipient will be notified via task list in ServAir or by email, leading to visualization of after-sales service operations, including field service.

  • エスカレーション
  • Personnel Assignment/Automatic Dispatch

    ServAir can recommend the most suitable field service engineer from the system. It automatically calculates a match score based on multiple criteria such as work schedule, repair history, and skills, then recommends the most suitable field service engineer. Additionally, the system can automatically assign candidates based on the top results, which can significantly improve the efficiency of after-sales service operations, including field service. The scoring rule criteria and priority setting can be adjusted by each company to suit their business rules and operations.

  • 要員アサイン
  • Work Report/Electronic Signature

    After field service work, field service engineers can receive an electronic signature from the customer on their work report. Once received, field service engineers can download the work report on the spot and send it via email, enabling paperless operation.
    ServAir facilitates the digitization of field service-related forms and online use of the system. As a result, there is no longer a need to return to the office and double-entry it into the system, which was required for handwritten work reports such as photocopy slips, making it very effective in reducing man-hours for field service engineers.

Other Functions


  • JEOL Ltd.

    Introduced ServAir as a field service platform that can flexibly respond to company policies and aims to leverage it along with IoT to link to preventive maintenance.

  • SCREEN SPE Service Co., Ltd.

    Introduced ServAir, an all-in-one package that includes core business operations, and achieved a 60% reduction in overtime despite a 20% increase in sales processing.

  • NKS Corporation

    Realize DX of calibration work process by centralized management of work managed by multiple systems centered on ServAir.

  • YOKOGAWA Group

    Realized ‘Global One Service Management Platform’ used by 6,000 service engineers from 80 countries at 230 service bases around the world.

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